How to Write a Memorable Marketing Email

Email is the most valuable marketing tool your company has.
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Email is the most valuable marketing tool your company has. Studies have shown email marketing yields the highest return on investment (ROI). Companies utilizing email marketing produced more sales for every dollar spent when compared to other marketing options, such as advertising and social media.

Although email marketing may be the most cost-effective method of marketing, some email campaigns are more successful than others. Your email marketing will be more effective if you implement these tips for producing exceptional marketing emails.

Understand Your Audience


Effective email campaigns tailor their content to specific recipients. The more personal your email is, the more memorable and applicable it will be.

Gather demographic information about your email recipients. Use this data to identify recipients for specific content. A person’s age may influence their needs. Their occupation, gender, and interests can also help identify which content is most appropriate to send to each person. Create mailing lists for different types of promotions or products.

For example, if you are offering services or specials to people in a region struck by a tornado, you will want to concentrate on distributing that communication to people in that area. If your company sells natural supplements you would send promotions of products for women experiencing symptoms of menopause to women in their forties and fifties. People are more likely to engage with emails if the content is relevant to them.

Understand SEO

Resources such as provide insight about the content featured on web browsers’ search engine results page (SERP) after a user performs a keyword search. You can boost your website’s profile if you have a clear understanding of how search engine results are compiled and the criteria used to assign sites a search engine ranking score. SERPtheory provides expert advice from professionals with years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) marketing.

Effective marketing campaigns can drive traffic to your website by including links. Send relevant links to the appropriate consumers to help reduce your website’s bounce rate. Your site’s bounce rate refers to people who visit a page on your site and do not click through to other pages or make a purchase. Web browsers consider bounce rates when ranking sites because a high bounce rate indicates the site lacks relevance to users.

Email content can also be repurposed for blog posts and website content. These emails can boost your site’s SEO score by including relevant keywords and phrases.

Focus on the Details

Over 300 billion emails are sent every day. Statistica also reports the number of worldwide email users in 2020 was just over 4 billion. That means the average email user receives 75 emails per day, while studies show most employees feel overwhelmed processing more than 50 emails per day. You are competing for the attention of every email recipient from the moment you hit send. Readers will be less likely to open or engage with unfocused, irrelevant content.

A catchy title will attract user attention. If they feel the subject is relevant to their needs and interests they will be more likely to open the email and read it. Recipients are also less likely to read a long email primarily consisting of text. Keep your emails short and focus on relevant information. When appropriate, use pictures and GIFs to complement your message.

You should also ensure that your email is visually appealing. Avoid using all caps, having long sections of text in italics or using fonts that are hard to read. These presentation styles can cause eye strain. You should also ensure that your text is large enough for all readers to read easily.

Be Yourself


Effectively selling products is about more than quality merchandise. Consumers are attracted to businesses that share their values and priorities. This is one of the reasons that brand marketing has become crucial for companies looking to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Their brand image encompasses its company values.

Your emails should reflect your company’s brand. Focus on topics relevant to your mission and beliefs. Recipients will be more likely to engage with content they believe is genuine and authentic. You can also promote and retain customer loyalty by reinforcing shared values and beliefs in your content.