What Can You Do With a Cosmetology Degree?

If you have or are thinking about pursuing a cosmetology degree, you may be wondering about what career paths or positions are available to you.
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If you have or are thinking about pursuing a cosmetology degree, you may be wondering about what career paths or positions are available to you. While it may sound limiting at first, a cosmetology degree can actually open more doors for you than you may think. There are many more career options related to cosmetology and beauty industries than just makeup artists and estheticians, though those are lucrative career paths as well. 

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do with a cosmetology degree, read on for some great examples.

Traditionalists: Hairstylists And Makeup Artists

Hairstylists and makeup artists perform a lot of the tasks you learn about when you take classes in cosmetology school. Both jobs involved working with clients to transform their looks in a way that will accentuate their best features while hiding what they do not like. Each of these positions also gives you the flexibility to go freelance and see clients as you can, which is nice if you want to pursue another degree or job. 

Additionally, there are different sects within hairstyling and makeup artistry, such as being a wedding stylist or a special effects artist. As a freelance hairstylist or makeup artist, the sky’s the limit and you can let your creativity and skill run free.

Entrepreneurs: Owning A Beauty Business

If you have always wanted to own your own business and feel you have the management chops to do it, owning your own small beauty business is attainable for you. You could even save money by running the business out of your home. With the proper equipment and a little home design inspiration, you can make a spare room in your house look just like a luxe hair salon or makeup station. 

Scientists: Working In A Medspa Or As An Esthetician

If you are interested in the science of beauty and how these fields interact, you may be apt to pursue a career as an esthetician or in a medical spa. Medical spas specialize in more clinical beauty treatments such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and some plastic surgery procedures, like injections. Both jobs utilize science to work with people to achieve their cosmetic goals, though a dermatologist is a clinical doctor who must attend medical school to be certified. 

If you are interested in owning a medical spa, you could stretch your entrepreneurial muscles while catering to a different type of clientele than you would if you were operating out of your home. 

Owning a medspa does not have to be expensive, either, as you can save on the necessary tools and cosmetic lasers by buying through a reputable used laser website like cosmeticlaserwarehouse.com. You will not be skimping on product quality but will be able to adhere to your budget if you purchase used materials. 

Creators And Innovators: Marketing And Product Design

If you are a creative and innovative thinker but did not enjoy the hands-on aspects of makeup and hair artistry, you may be interested in beauty or hair product design and marketing. Design and marketing are perfect for you if you are obsessed with all the little details that go into creating and selling a product. 

As a product designer, you will work on the product itself and its performance, the packaging of the product, and the ease of its use. As a marketer, you may need to brainstorm about what each product’s main audience is, and try to deliver the messaging to that specific audience.