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  1. Brb walking to seven 11 to buy a hit dog... At 2 in the morning XD
  2. i dunno man...i wasn't here then..but i dunno...what do you think? what do the 2 have to do w/ eachother?
  3. Hey, what's up?
    I have a question I'd like to ask you regarding this site. I didn't want to make a thread about it because so much time has passed. Do you remember when this site was down last July? Do you think it was a little more than a coincidence that around The same time this site was down a rumor was going around that Shia Labeouf was going to have to get a finger amputated due to his car accident? Looking back on the whole thing its seems like it was almost a deliberate act. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

  4. sup
  5. sup
  6. cool
  7. Where in Canada? Newfoundland.
  8. where in canada?
  9. hey whats up?
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