Hey guys,

I thought why not share and discuss great documentaries and/or great reports with each other cause i always see interesting stuff and people might think it's interesting and might want to share it with third parties.

Maybe you like to discuss things that were interesting but think people haven't seen yet or might not have seen.

- Today i saw another part of BBC documentary LIFE it's all about nature and wildlife, very interesting to see, beautiful and weird sometimes.
It's part of the BBC Earth series i believe.

- I also saw a documentary HEAR AND NOW about two older people that are 50+ and have been death their whole lives and under go a operation to "hear" for the first time in their lives because they want to communicate better with other people and make neexperiencebut expereince all kinds of thing while wearing these devices called magneticallyaconnectedticly conected with the device implanted into their head.

Have fun and start sharing!