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    Omg how did you make it look so real!? Like i really thought Sideswipe was a transformer cause he had no driver and... I just do not understand. Did you use like a Controller or something? Lol. Am I the only one that thought "Wow how does he do that?" Cause i could not stop thinking that lol

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    I thought they edited out the drivers of the cars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dak View Post
    I thought they edited out the drivers of the cars?
    Yea but still I thought it was so wierd lol. I was like "so... their driving and a city and they do not have a crowd chasing after them yelling" "Omg that car has no driver!" Lmao. If I saw that i would chase that car down and see what is up with that.

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    You can clearly see a driver in some scenes.
    The missile base
    Pulling into NEST



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