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Thread: To all the troops...

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    Thumbs up To all the troops...

    Amen to that. Be safe guys, and enjoy the movie.
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    cool! 1 thing lacking in the movie was the 'military talk'. there were alot of military scenes but no technical talk.. one of my fave scenes from TF1 was when they were giving the ground troops back up against scorponok that "rolling strike package bravo on unknown target..." with that score playing at the same time, was just EPIC! 1 of my fave scenes..
    not much talk this time round, altho i did hear one of the soldiers say 'danger close' something.. think it was the tomahawk scene.

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    Hopefully, a good portion of the audience will get a somewhat subtle idea ingrained in this movie. When matters reach a crisis level, both activie (Lennox's crew) and inactive (Epps' crew) military are the main ones who step up and sacrificed themselves in what could have been the last stand for freedom on the planet. While I still think the civilians should've shown more resistance--- instead of simply running around in a panicked state--- I also think the subtle tribute to the sacrifices made by servicemen was a tribute that's been well-earned (to say the least).

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    Shia's clip was quite comical...

    IMHO, i don't think you ever leave the military... or at least the military never really leaves you.
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