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Thread: Promotions?

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    Default Promotions?

    Is it me, or does there seem to be a lot less promotions going on for TF3 than the other movies?

    I remember the first movie had ebay pages created with Sam's items he was trying to sell.

    Then for ROFT, there was and

    For the third movie, I haven't heard anything along these lines. Has anyone else?

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    Default Re: Promotions?

    There hasn't been much promotion cuz Optimus Prime be busy with basketball now man lol

    ive seen alot of tv spots and stuff when i watch tv O_o in fact, i see more tv spots on this one than i did with the 2nd one
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    Default Re: Promotions?

    There's already a thread that pertains to the marketing.

    And the marketing is fine, there are continuous TV spots, ads in newspapers, stores and billboards, across the world.



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