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Thread: Favorite movie he has directed?

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    Default Re: Update: Favorite movie he has directed?

    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitTF3Extra View Post
    Plus my wife and I chose music from ROTF, The Rock, Pearl Harbor and The Island to accompany our wedding video..

    Damn it, that was my idea...
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    Default Re: Update: Favorite movie he has directed?

    1, The Rock - simply because it is an action movie classic
    2, Armageddon - simply because it is a action movie/disaster movie classic
    3, The Island - because I just simply love it. I think it is very underrated
    4, Bad Boys 1-2
    5, The Commercials
    6, Transformers 3
    5, Pearl Harbor
    6, Transformers
    7, Transformers 2

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    Default Re: Update: Favorite movie he has directed?

    My top 5

    1. Transformers Dark of the Moon
    2. Transformers
    3. Armageddon
    4. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
    5. Pearl Harbor
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    Default Re: Favorite movie he has directed?

    Ive seen Bad Boys II and it comes on second place :P all Michael's movies are winners, all awesome movies they also bring wonderful memories back when i think about them
    Oh! almost forgot TF3, definitely number one!
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    Default Re: Favorite movie he has directed?

    Armageddon and Pearl Harbor.
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    Default Re: Favorite movie he has directed?

    1) Pearl Harbor
    2) The Island
    3) The Rock
    4) Transformers III
    5) Transformers
    6) Armageddon
    7) Bad Boys
    8) Transformers II
    9) Bad Boys II



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