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Thread: Forum Goals for 2011

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    Default Forum Goals for 2011

    I'm guessing that this is the most appropriate forum to post this in if not mods please move.
    2011 is almost upon us and I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for our goals for the year

    my personal forum goals would be to
    gain more friends and contacts through the boards
    break 600 posts

    please feel free to post yours.

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    Default Re: Forum Goals for 2011

    For michal bay to respond to me and call me "bro"...haha..I dont ever see that happening
    So if the koran is the bible to the muslims, and the holly bible is the bible to us..then are you saying the koran is an invalid bible?Then he could have sworn on a bag of u see my point?

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    Default Re: Forum Goals for 2011

    Probably try to post more.

    I'm more of a reader, than a poster when on these forums. Mainly because you guys post so much for reading materials. Sometimes I read too much I forget to post. LoL



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