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Thread: Batman ReBoot & JL Connceted (spoilers)

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    Default Batman ReBoot & JL Connceted (spoilers)

    I am thinking that it actually makes sense but people are already whining about Bale not being in the JL movie or being in the supposed reboot or connector to the new Batman Film.

    If you would see the new Dark Knight Rises it sets up nicely where Levitt takes over as the new Batman, Bale's Batman done the Sacrifice deal he hung up the suit that was his final swan dive as the Batman.

    Robin Blake will be the new Batman he takes over as Bale's Batman I also think that the JL movie is going to connect to the new Batman with Levitt in the suit.

    I also think he can do it justice we saw him as Cobra Cmdr in GI Joe he was great in that what is to say he can not do Batman just as good.

    Unknown if the new Batman will be a reboot or a connector or if the Justice League movie will happen or if it will be how Marvel does with the Avengers.

    With those Marvel makes Phases of Movies before the Avengers the movies Set up for the new Avengers 2 or I would call a Phase 2. Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 are part of Phase 2 that connects to the Avengers 2 unknown if they will make a Hulk Movie again I here Ant-Man is Marvels next project.

    But I think Levitt can do Batman right, 1 we dont know how the film will be, the Director, the storyplot or any additonal details on the next flick so I think it is unfair to say he will suck as the new Batman when we dont know anything about it other than its connection and it connects to Justice League.

    This is how it is with Mr. Bays Transformers 4 saying it will suck cause of No Shia, a new MC with Walburg, people it is the same deal as it is going to be with the next Batman it will be in that same world or Universe but it will be a connector not a reboot.

    Shia's Story was over with in DOTM, Bale's Batman ended in DKR Levit & Walburg will be the new deals in new Trilogies unknown if the next Batman will be a trilogy or more to far to tell.

    Right now I wanna learn more on Transformers 4 its connection to the previous 3 I do know it takes place a few years after DOTM hopefully Bay will throw in a deal that explain Shia's Absence. Sort how he did with Megan Fox in DOTM they said she was mean and didnt wanna get dumped again.

    Still I cant wait New Batman movie, new Justice League loved the animated series + movies new one coming called FlashPoint and also Superman Unbound. Awesome time to be in with comics.

    Transformers 4 will also be good cant wait to learn more on all of these. On toip of all these we get a Tron 3 and Friggin He-Man OMG my child hood is back.

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    Default Re: Batman ReBoot & JL Connceted (spoilers)

    JGL's reps already denied the rumor. Why more sites haven't mentioned this, I do not know.

    Batman's getting a total reboot. New Bruce Wayne. Guarantee it. They're not going to have the greatest superhero team ever finally form on the big screen for the first time, only to have a Batman who's basically just a made up character no one cares about. More importantly, they're not going to do that because they're not going to step on the toes of Nolan's trilogy.

    We're not getting Christian Bale, and we're not getting Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I'm 99.9% sure we're getting someone new, as Bruce Wayne, as Batman, in a rebooted Batman continuity with no connection to the Nolan trilogy. I won't say there's no chance for them to surprise us, but I'm almost certain that's what we're getting.

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    Default Re: Batman ReBoot & JL Connceted (spoilers)

    I'm a huge DC fan for 27 years myself and i think this could be an epic movie like Avengers and they need someone with charisma and personality for Bruce.

    For the new Batman movie, how about Man-Bat and Clayface as the villains?

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    Default Re: Batman ReBoot & JL Connceted (spoilers)

    Kevin Smith Says Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Is The Beginning Of One Massive Justice League Story Spanning Five Or Six Movies
    This is certainly is one way to differentiate these heroes from the way Marvel have been successfully setting up their shared cinematic universe.



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