Ok so I shot a short film yesterday put it up this afternoon and have heard nothing. Which is ok I guess. When I look at the posts' on youtube every post on Sprint's Epic channel is a angry or a complaint or confusion. The biggest problem it seems is that people are having there short films rejected for either violence or for "copyright issue's".

It would seem that the music samples that are included with Final Cut Pro create some sort of legal issue with Sprint using them. Although that is not clearly stated, I saw a post that someone said there was a post about Sprint saying not to put any of the video's to any music. Sound effects are fine but not music. I am assuming that ambient noise(a sound clip also provided by Final Cut) will also be included in the copyright exclusion.

Sooo, I am going to have my editor resubmit the project without the ambient noise or the music. The short is called "Epic Writer", and although I have yet to be rejected I am inclined to change it and resubmit.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Here is the link to Sprint's channel: