Hey, sorry I dont post much anymore. I dont really have a lot of time for internet with the Navy an all. Its been a great experience, a lot of fun, and much different than I had originally expected of it. Anyways, I have had a bit of freedom, and have been playing TF: War for Cybertron(Autobots).

The game play is pretty simple and basic. Normal key strokes and abilities. You can unlock new abilities for characters such as ground pound, but a general button scheme maintains. You are any of a number of Autobots / Decepticons with particular advantages. Each robot contains a different size, movement, range, or melee attack style which pushes it to be a more effective partner with another character.

The game utilizes level ups to increase a characters strength. You are given the option to assign attribute points, however with the pre-assigned bonus attributes, you are driven to assign the points somewhere else generally.

Pre-assigned bonuses are attribute slots that imply when you have a certain value of this attribute, this character will gain a new ability, or enhanced features. Some abilties include: Ground Pound, Increased HP/Energy, Added attach type...

Levels progress like normal with data disks or robots to be unlocked. There are few levels, however they are extremely long. I find some stages taking me 30 minutes to run through, or quite longer which is a very nice feature. You are given the opportunity to quit and save. Next time you begin, you will start at that stage with your chosen autobots / decepticons.

The game consists of many data discs. A rough estimate would be about 30. There are also around 12 robots to unlock. Data discs are upgrades to your characters base attributes. Each data disc adds a certain value to each attribute. Generally +4 over all.

The autobots version offers a unique mini-campaign for decepticons, that allow you to take control of Megatron and Starsceam to complete a few bonus levels. As you progress, you unlock more decepticon characters. I will assume that this is the autobot version I will not see every decepticon. However I am pretty satisfied with the character line up that I have unlocked so far.

Stages can be challenging as you try to level up every character evenly. You will find yourself eventually unable to complete a stage, unless you possess an exceeding amount of skill and patience, however that is quickly overcome with restarting and gaining more saved exp.

The story is pretty interesting. It unlocks a new element to the pre-existing war that threatens all life on cybertron. A brief story for the DS that would be expected and doesn't disappoint.

Based on the TF Trilogy for DS games... I have enjoyed them all for their unique qualities. The first one had an overwhelming open ending city/quest exploring campaign. After enough success unlocking a flying autobot character. The second had a nifty character attributes and weapons equip system that was quite fun. And of course, this third has a good data disc/character unlocking that allows for solid replay value. There are also many Stages, Bonus Stages, and Arenas to complete.

Absolutely worth the $20.00 price tag, however if its still $30.00 where you live, I might consider waiting.

4/5 stars