OK... I just picked up the new Toys R Us exclusive Rampage amung the ruins 3 pack and I must say I am really impressed. I have not been disapointed with any of the hunt for the decepticons toys as of yet. This 3 pack comes with a redeco of Bumblebee with his shoulder mounted rockets. He is painted a bit darker and has spots of dust and dirt discoloration on him for effect. (looks nice) the second toy is a ravage redeco and the best one yet. its paint job is bad ass. It is the so called desert battle ravage(look it up on youtube) The third toy is a recast of Rampage... he's red and only has two legs this time... not like the yellow quad deluxe rampage. What i found interesting is Rampage came with a little boi card that says

Last... Heavily Damaged
Known... Recuperating in Chicago
Location... Junkyard

Was there any Junkyard scenes done in Chicago that anyone knows of? lol