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    Hello to all fans of Michael,

    I am a budding screenwriter, I am currently fin ishing my MA in screenwriting, working on my own feature film project.

    I absolutely adore the first Transformers film and I would love to read the screenplay, for purely educational purposes. But the problem is I cannot find it on any script writing and archive website.

    Any ideas where it might be. Mind it I am talking about the screenplay not a film transcript.

    My next option will be to write to Michael and ask him to send me a copy. Considering that he might not reply or if he does it will take hell of a lot of time, and I need the script urgently.

    Any ideas where I can find it?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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    An early version of the script leaked way back in 2006 and despite some charcater names, and dialogue it's very close to the finished version. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore but if you ask around the transformers fandom I'm sure someone will send it to you as lots of people got ahold of it.

    Thats the only version of the script that has ever been leaked though to my knowledge.



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