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Thread: "Deadline" - A CGI car action shortfilm

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    Talking "Deadline" - A CGI car action shortfilm

    Hi all!! A newbie here!!

    Recently I finished a shortfilm, involving a high speed car chase. I made it as an ending project for a VFX and 3D training course. As a big fan of Michael Bay, I tried to make this shortfilm as close as I could to his style, including camera movements, editing and visual style. Here is the result:

    Everything on the shortfilm is CGI, except for the actors, of course

    It's in Spanish, but i made an english subtitle track for it. Anyways, in this case the script is just an excuse for doing some car crashes

    Hope you like it!!

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    Default Re: "Deadline" - A CGI car action shortfilm

    The chase was pretty darn good and the music worked beautifully ( if I'm not mistaken, it's Trevor Rabin's score from "Bad Company" ).

    Personally, I think your short is a successful mix between "The Matrix Reloaded", "The Transporter", "Gone in 60 Seconds" and "The Island".

    Well done...and welcome to
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