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Thread: knight rider stuff aka what the heck would r type think?

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    Default knight rider stuff aka what the heck would r type think?

    The new gadgets for KITT version 2.0 have been revealed, including every single technology a man who does not exist would ever need: laser weapons system, nanotech cloaking, laser-guided missile defense, 3D heads-up display, military-grade GPS, holographic projection and even a Mini-KITT reconnaissance drone (!?!) among 21 new gizmos. Surprisingly, all this technological terror leaves out three of the most amazing gadgets of the original KITT:

    They left out the grappling hook (a classic), the oil jets (come on, this is standard equipment in fantacars since James Bond's first Aston Martin!) and, get a load of this, the flame thrower. How the heck they can leave out the flame thrower, no matter how many DNA analysis equipment, mass spectrometers, holographic projectors, 360-degree video surveillance systems or heated seats the new KITT has? Are the producers crazy? All we can say is:

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    Default I can live without the oil jets, but.....

    I don't care if he's sellin' out crowds in Egypt. No Hoff. No Deal.

    Real good time for super pursuit mode!!



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