Dear Michael bay,

May you please tell me when you are going to start filming transformers 3? i am sooo excited! thank you michael bay, for making such great transformers movies! And was the casting call for extras on tformers 3 posted on the internet real? THANK YOU!

My name is Madison. I am a huge fan of your work. I was recently watching transformers behind the scenes features, and you put so much work into the movie along with the rest of the cast/crew. I think it's sooo cool how you made the movie by doing a lot of REAL action. It looks like a lot of work, and you did a GREAT job! I think the the robots (especially optimus prime bumblebee, starscream, and megatron) looked real! And i liked how they had light reflecting off of them in the scenes as if they were really there! Just watching the behind the scenes footage, and all that kind of stuff, inspired me to be an actress, and i really hope I get to work with a director as good as you in the future! It's really cool! I saw tformers (your 2007 production) for the first time last year, at school. It was at the end of the year, before summer and they allowed us to vote on a movie. everyone picked transformers! they all were like "please let us watch transformers" and my english teacher was like "yeah. i want to see transformers" and she wrote it down on the paper. Then we saw it. I just really loved it! i fell in love with shia labeouf :D but not only that, I just LOVED the movie. I think it is the best movie ever! Then i found out u were making a tformers 2 and i was like, me and my whole cheerleading squad were sooo excited! and now i cant wait for tformers 3. I would faint if i met you or shia labeouf out of excitement! Im sorry if this is kinda long, but i am just really a true fan! and i didnt even grow up with the cartoon. im just a teenager girl!