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Thread: The ART of Transformers

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    Default The ART of Transformers

    Hey guys. Im trying to assemble as many hi res images of the transformers characters and altmodes as i can, and maybe print up a non official "ART of Transformers" book. If it wasn't too much trouble i would ask of you to email me or post any hi res images you have with you, not only of the actual movie characters but also fanArt that you may have found on line and that is worth noticing.

    When i finish it, ill post some pictures for you guys to see


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    Default Re: The ART of Transformers

    Wow! that's a great idea i would very much like that though sadly i don't have any images at the present time i really hope u get what u r looking 4 i would very much love to c when u have finished ur art book on trans good luck.
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    Default Re: The ART of Transformers

    Ceasar, sadly, unofficial or not, those images as a book would cause you some major copywrite issues.
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