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    My favorite part of the original transformers was the transformations, they were incredible, so much detail and nice and slow but not to slow the only one I thought was too quick was barricade's right before he starts chasing bumblebee.... but revenge of the fallen, I was so horribly disappointed by the transformations. There were 3 that I liked , demolisher's starscream's when he's shooting at bumblebee and the twins and megatron's when he lands on the pyramid, the last 2 because they were awesome and not because of the detail, 3 others that were pretty good were optimus out of the plane sideswipe's and bumblebee's when he's comforting sam, but also I think revenge of the fallen is an amazing movie with action that completely destroys that of the original. I watch the forest fight almost every day. so if a certain director happens to see this post please make the transformations more like the ones in the first one. Also if you do come to DC I'd be more than happy to get crushed by megatron
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    we see lots of optimus and bumblebee but not much of the others really

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    Yea, i also think that the Transformations in the original were much better then the one in ROTF.Also, ROTF had less transformations than the original.I mean yeah, ROTF had much small transformations, but that ones doenst count, they are uninteresting to look at.2007s had much more impressiv transformations, all transformations in the original, exepct the frenzy ones were all extremely impressive.I want this quality back, afterall, its called TRANSFORMERS, the focus should be more on the transformations, god dammit.

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    well personally ironhides transformation at the first of rotf was pretty damn cool if i do say so .... the camera rotating around him while you could see every part of him move or fold or change was wicked
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