Mine would be when i was 5 in 1986 when i came to Socorro New Mexico to visit my grandparents after i flew from St. Louis. I had some nifty gifts such as a Mcdonalds Playdough maker set, Teddy Ruxpin, He-Man Hordak Fright Night and some others.

Another one would be when i was 6 in 1987, i got the Real Ghostbusters firehouse with some GB toys, He-Man slime-pit, Glavatron Transformer toy, Mumm-Ra Thundercats action figure and some others. I was living in St. Louis that time for 3 years before moving to Omaha for one year, later at night my mom took me to see Pinocchio and The Emperor of the Night (Anyone remembers this one?) at the major mall theater which was the only thing opened at the mall that night.