In the past few months there has been a lot that has happend here on these very forums and I realize that I have not been truely respectful to some and have been a bit mean to some others(you know who you are) In defence to myself I will say I have had a few lets just say minor problems with some things and people here and have let those minor problems fester into more problems. Not to bring up the events with what has happend with Littlman but those events and knowing how easy it is for someone (him or another) to go through hardships, really hit me hard and disapointed me when I seen people he thought of as friends just up and turn on him because of him having some problems. I took it to heart and felt very upset as it seems like a lot of members here that call each other friends find it very easy to turn on one another. But back to myself... If in any way I have offended anyone here for anything and or hurt any feelings or came off as a jerk, asshole or any other such names you could have thought of me... I TRUELY AM SORRY to all members I may have offended or hurt in any way shape or form. I cant stress enough how much all the friends I have made here mean to me and how much I enjoy being here with EVERYONE.