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Thread: About Transformers 3

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    Cool About Transformers 3

    Dear Bay,
    Transformers 2 was the best action movie of 2009. When your team of awesome people do Transformers 3 please do not put the Twins back in Transformers 3. Sideswipe the autobot needs to do more in Trans 3. Sideswipe part on Transformers 2 was awesome. Starscream needs to have a bigger role in Transformer 3. Maybe one day Transformers will be up there with Dark Knight money wise. But the cool thing is Transformers 2 made the top ten list. Maybe next time it come be #2. Great job on part 2. Part 3 in going to be even better!! Thank you again Michael Bay for director Transformers. The critics hate you but your fans love your movies.

    Thank God for Bay,
    Russ aka TransBay2

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    Default Re: About Transformers 3

    yeah good luck with that.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

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    Default Re: About Transformers 3

    Can't blame him for trying.

    Reminds me of kindergarten when we would write our Christmas wish list to Santa....
    There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory...



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