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    Ok, I absolutely LOVED the score for the first movie. In fact, one of the things I most hoped for was for most of the themes from the first movie be reused, pumped up, and incorporated in a meaningful way into the second movie. Wish granted.

    HOWEVER, is there some ridiculous reason for why the score that was released for the second movie is missing such a tremendous amount of music from the movie? The new military theme (portion of Scorponok from the first movie), Bumblebee's theme... etc. are nowhere to be found on the new score. Perhaps the biggest oversight is Optimus Prime's entry, which is Arrival to Earth (from the first movie's score) pumped up and re-arranged.

    I was severely disappointed when I listened through the entire score that was released and found so much great music simply left out. I sincerely hope that the score will be re-released, perhaps part of the DVD or something. I personally would pay almost anything you'd ask for it.

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    A lot of the new score seemed like it was a re-mesh of many of the old score tracks, plus a few new/original ones. While watching the movie I could tell from what/where old sounds sort of came from, but could tell some original sounds like the forest track.

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    Overall, I think the score is great. Although some of the score got cut short. For example the Fallen's arrival is shorter in the CD than the one in the movie. Also, I don't think the CD includes the score depicting the scene when wheelie try to steal the shard from mikaela. The petition for extended edition is already on the way:

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    Maybe some tracks were cut short and left out due to the CD release date?
    Before the score for the first movie came out, there were some sample mp3 at, but several parts of them weren't contained in the actual CD either.

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    I'm used to seeing some music from a movie missing on the official score, but this one is truly ridiculous. I'd say almost 50% of the music used in the movie is completely missing from the official score.

    I can understand not including some of the music that is nearly identical to the first film's, but many of the re-used themes are drastically different in arrangement and warrant being included. After all, they were good enough to be in the second movie AGAIN - just re-arranged, why aren't they good enough for the second CD?

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    I think the reason that there isn't much good score in ROTF is that the movie doesn't actually allow much of an inspirational sound since it's very fast-paced compared to the first.
    "Science fiction isn't about spaceships, laser-fights, and explosions, Sci-Fi is about placing humanity in extreme positions and examining their reactions and our morality, as well as postulating on our future development as a species and as individuals."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammed9000 View Post
    I think the reason that there isn't much good score in ROTF is that the movie doesn't actually allow much of an inspirational sound since it's very fast-paced compared to the first.
    That makes no sense. How fast-paced the movie is or isn't has nothing to do with how much of the score is included in the CD release. There's stuff in the movie that just isn't on the CD release, for some inexplicable reason. And it's a lot... like 50% of the movie's music is not included. It's kind of a rip-off, if you think about it.

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    Default Re: Score: Shortcomings...

    I loved the score, even it it's short, but they should put a lot more action music, but I loved how it is.

    Probably, in a month or 3 weeks, I'll get you guys a complete score, don't ask how I'll get it, but I just hope it has great quality, or I'll have to wait for the DVD.

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    Posted by westfall on Hans Zimmer forums:

    TF RoTF Music Rundown **SPOILER ALERT**

    This is a list of all (or at least most) of the music present in Revenge of The Fallen.

    Cues marked "NR" are unreleased cues. The names given to most of these are in no way official, just my take on each cue.

    The list is subject to change and all opinions are welcomed.

    NR 01 – “Prologue - First Contact” -> 17.000 years ago, Humans and Cybertronians meet for first time.

    “N.E.S.T.” –> N.E.S.T. deploys in Shanghai

    “The Shard” –> Arcee and The Twins chase Sideways

    NR 02 – “Pursuit” -> Sideswipe attacks Sideways, Optimus drops from the C-17. Demolisher is destroyed.
    Includes a new arrangement of “Arrival to Earth” and a faster rendition of "The Shard"

    “Sam at the Lake” (from Transformers The Score)

    “Green Day – 21 Guns” (from TF RoTF Soundtrack) -> Sam and Mikaela talk on the phone

    “The Shard” -> Sam finds the cube splinter, kitchen bots attack.

    NR 03 -> Small cue based on “Bumblebee”

    “The Shard” -> Small cue as Sam gives the splinter to Mikaela.

    “I’m so Excited”(?) -> BB radio

    NR 04 - “Sad Bumblebee” -> Variant of “Optimus” or “BB Captured” – Sam says goodbye to Bumblebee

    ”The Fray - Never Say Never” -> Sam and Mikaela’s goodbye

    NR 05 – “Diego Garcia” -> Wheelie spies on Mikaela and reports to Soundwave. The NEST Team returns to base. Galloway arrives.
    Includes a variation of “Bumblebee”.

    NR06 – “Ominous Warning” -> Optimus transforms and reports to Gen. Morshower. Galloway questions the reasons behind the Decepticons continuous attacks. Optimus asks a pertinent question.
    Includes variations of “The Shard”, “Autobots” and ”The Fallen” and "Scorponok".

    “Green Day – 21 Guns” (from TF RoTF Soundtrack) -> Sam arrives to his dorm.

    “Witwicky” (from Transformers The Score) -> Sam meets Leo and his friends and is offered a job.

    “Sam at the Lake” (from Transformers The Score) -> Sam’s mom on the rampage on campus.

    NR 07 – “Ravage” -> Ravage’s incursion into Diego Garcia to steal the shard.

    “The Used – Burnin’ Down the House” + “Green Day – 21 Guns” (instrumental) -> Sam at the frat party and Mikaela waiting for Sam for their first webchat date

    NR 08 -> small cue as Sam starts writing symbols with cake frosting

    Several songs play in Bumblebee’s radio including the theme from Jaws

    NR 09 – “The Call of Fate” -> Optimus asks for Sam’s help. Variation of “Prime”

    NR 10 – “Dive of the Decepticons” -> Constructicons, Ravage and Scalpel dive into the Laurentian Abyss to repair and
    revive Megatron, military scramble, Megatron surfaces.

    “The Fallen” (Not really sure of this one) -> Megatron boards the Nemesis and reports back to The Fallen.

    NR 11 - “Einstein’s Wrong Variation” -> During his first class, Sam starts to have visions. He calls Mikaela totally freaked out. Wheelie ears them talk.

    NR 12 – “Autobots On The Move” -> Mikaela goes to the airport, NEST receives an SOS from the Autobots.

    “Witwicky” -> Leo hits on Alice, they arrive at the room where Sam is writing symbols on the walls.

    NR 13 – “Alice” -> Alice “attacks” Sam ‘till Mikaela walks in, then she attacks Sam revealing her true nature. they hide in the library.
    The start is an NR cue from the first movie, played in the scene where SecDef Keller adresses the nation with Lennox's wife watching (Timecode 00:19:00 to 00:19:30)

    NR 14 – “Library Attack” -> Alice pursues Sam, Mikaela and Leo, until Mikaela smashes her with the car.
    Includes variations of “The Shard” and “NEST” and a piece of "NR 02"

    “The Shard” -> Grindor lifts the car and drops it on the abandoned factory.

    “The Fallen” -> Megatron “talks” to Sam. (Cues of unreleased music are used during Scalpels examination).

    “N.E.S.T.” -> Optimus and Bumblebee rescue Sam and the others.

    NR 15 - “Escape” -> Optimus escapes with Sam on board.

    “Forest Battle” -> Optimus battles alone against Megatron, Starscream and Grindor. (Most badass Optimus moment EVER, IMHO)

    “The Fallen’s Arrival” -> Optimus falls, Autobots arrive to cover Sam’s escape, Lennox is informed of Optimus's death,
    Megatron pummels Starscream on a rooftop, The Fallen and a group of Decepticons crash into an aircraft carrier, sinking it, other Decepticons crash worldwide. Sam becomes a wanted man.

    NR 16 - “Autobots, Stand Down” -> Sam confronts Leo, Galloway disbands NEST and orders them and the Autobots to return to Diego Garcia.

    NR 17 – “Fallen Prime” -> Sam talks to Bumblebee and decides to turn himself in. Leo returns.
    Most of the track is a different, sadder arrangement of “Prime”.

    “New Divide Instrumental” -> Leo leads them to Robo-Warrior.

    “Einstein’s Wrong” -> Sam, Mikaela, Leo and Simmons meet inside the meatlocker,conclusion that the TFs have been on Earth for a looooooong time, Wheelie points the closest Seeker.

    “Witwicky” + ”Camaro on the Run” -> Cues edited together during the Museum invasion.

    NR 18 – “Seeker” -> They search the museum ‘till they find Jetfire. Jetfire talks about his change of side to the Autobots, some robot humping ensues. Jetfire decifers the symbols and opens a space bridge to Egypt.
    Includes new arrangements of “Arrival to Earth”, “The Shard” and “Einstein’s Wrong”

    NR 19 – “History of Betraial” -> Jetfire tells the story of The Fallens betrayal and about the Sun-Harvester and The Matrix. They start their search.
    Includes new arrangements of “Prime”.

    NR 20 – “Run Like an Egyptian” -> Egyptian police pursues them. Simmons calls Lennox. Morshower receives Lennox’s message, Sam tries to figure out the riddle, stoped at check-point. Gang finds a place to hide

    NR 21 – “The Three Kings” -> Sam and Mikaela talk about their relationship, Sam realizes what the 3 kings are.
    Includes a new arrangement of “Optimus” and a clip of “Simmon Takes it Off”.

    NR 22 – “Bailout” -> The gang heads for the mountains of Petra, Lennox finds a very creative way to get rid of Galloway, Morshower receives intel.

    “Infinite White” -> Sam and his party find the temple ( only the final segment is played)

    “Tomb of the Primes” -> Breaking the wall of the temple they find the tomb and The Matrix, but it turns to dust, C-17's from NEST arrive

    NR 23 -> NEST and the Autobots jump from the C-17’s and take cover on the village

    NR 24 – “One Man Alone” -> They split up, Simmons monologue, Leo joins him

    Small cue of “Boggey Aproach” (from Transformers The Score - Promo)

    NR 25 – “No Comms” -> After Starscream disables communications, Morshower receives a phone call from Galloway

    NR 24 – “One Man Alone” (reprise) -> Simmons and Leo attempt to divert Starscream

    NR 26 – “Decepticons Assault” -> Starscream reports to Megatron, Decepticon reinforcements arrive

    NR 27 – “Hide, Seek and… RUN” -> Sam and Mikaela hide in the village while Starscream, Longhaul, Ravage and several protoforms look for them, an “Insecticon” finds them and they have to run for their lives. Ironhide and NEST mobilize

    NR 28 – “Sand Storm” -> Devastator uses his vortex to suck everything in sight, including Mudflap. Mudflap escapes and attacks with the help of Skids (who, accidentally shoots him in the face), Ron and Judy are used by Rampage to force Sam to surrender.

    “The Shard” + “Optimus Hero” -> Bumblebee fights Rampage and Ravage

    NR 29 – “Letting Go” -> Sam tells his parents to run with Bumblebee
    Includes new arrangements of “Bumblebee Captured”

    NR 30 – “Choppers Down” -> Simmons and Leo rescue survivors from the downed Jordanian choppers

    NR 31 – “Operation Firestorm” -> Morshowher receives images from Egypt and orders deployment of all forces
    New arrangement of “Scorponok”

    NR 32 -> Simmons radios the coordinates of Devastator , rail-gun deployment is ordered, reinforcement troops arrive

    “Precious Cargo” -> Amidst the raging battle Lennox and Epps meet with Sam and Mikaela

    NR 31 – “Operation Firestorm” (reprise) –> Rail-Gun fires and hits Devastator

    “F-22’s to the City” (or at least very close) ->Sam, Mikaela, Lennox and Epps run for cover to outrun the bombardment

    “Matrix of Leadership” -> Sam's near death experience and "meeting" with the primes, Matrix reforms and Sam revives Optimus

    “I Claim Your Sun” -> The Fallen steals the Matrix and activates the harvester, Jetfire sacrifices his spark to give his parts to Optimus, Optimus flies to the pyramid and destroys the arvester, Optimus defeats

    “I Rise, You Fall” -> Optimus battles The Fallen, Megatron and Starscream escape, final reunion scenes

    “Linkin Park – New Divide” -> start of the end credits, remaining songs are unknown at this point.
    31 tracks left off of the released score? Am I the only one who thinks that is utterly ridiculous? I almost want my money back.

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    Default Re: Score: Shortcomings...

    I really liked the score, what there was of where's the rest of it.



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