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Thread: Michael Bay is hilarious!

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    Default Michael Bay is hilarious!

    I love that Michael Bay can poke fun at himself. Makes me think of him as a total cool guy that can really take a joke.

    He had his cameo appearance in both Armageddon and Bad Boys 2 and his BB2 cameo was hilarious HAHA!

    In Transformers, he added the fat kid saying that "This is easly 100 times better than Armageddon, I swear!"

    And then he made the "AWESOME" commercial (which is one of my favorite commercials)

    And then in ROTF, he added the Bad Boys 2 poster

    This kinda stuff really cracks me up about my favorite director.

    Keep doing what you do Mike!
    Transformers 4 Movie Updates on Youtube

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    Default Re: Michael Bay is hilarious!

    he seems to be a really nice and funny guy.



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