Michael Bay, if your reading this.

Im from Australia, I wanted to say your a legend director and the best out there. Everything from The Rock & Bad Boys to Transformers, I love them all.

Loved Transformers 1 and I just saw Tranformers 2, and it was the best action films ever. Please ignore all those dumbass critics they wouldnt know talent if it bit them in the ass. They are treating Transformers 2 as a dramatic 'realistic' film, but its an awesome summer fun film.

I personally am a loyal and true Transformers fan and have the entire cartoon series on DVD and have several unopened figurines. After seeing Tranformers, I starting saving up for a new yellow Chevrolet Camaro with stripes and tranformers steering wheel and symbols. I only saved $10,000 so far, lol.

Anyway, you are the best and keep up the terrific work, and please please please do not leave the Transformers franchise.