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Thread: Thank You!!!

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    Default Thank You!!!

    Thank you for making this movie!!! I have been thouroghly entertained!!!
    Ironhide kills Barricade!!!

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    Default Re: Thank You!!!

    Me too, I also want to thank you and your team for this incredible movie. My husband and I have so much enjoyed it in the theatre. Now we cannot wait for the BluRay.

    So, many thanks from your fans in Münster, Germany. You´re the greatest!

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    Default Re: Thank You!!!

    Transformers is what real escapism is about. Many thanks to you and all the cast and crew. I especially enjoy it because critics are getting heartburn because you're always vindicated at the box office.
    I dont care that what I will post is cheesy but my family,friends and work colleagues even church friends of mine talked about how Transformers make us appreciate being an American even more.
    Many take that for granted these days because they are busy whining,many are so spoiled and just love putting down this nation but despite the bumps in the road America especially our troops do a pretty darn job running this country.
    Freedom and democracy really working are all living proof of that.
    Thank you for honoring our troops even the British. They deserve that unlike the French
    I would even trade in the Statue of Liberty for Optimus Prime Statue.
    Prime is the real All American hero we really need especially nowadays.

    I wonna thank you because our society and media are so busy worshipping crazy celebs, doing vigils for Ledger,Michael Jackson but they cant even remember to do that for our own troops or even visit ground zero.



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