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Thread: The Art of Transformers

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    Default The Art of Transformers

    Hey Michael,

    I know this might have been mentioned before, but with the amazing, stunning, beautiful, and mind blowing artwork on both Transformers films, don't you think that there should be a 'Art of Transformers' book?

    A lot of the movies have made incredible books on the artwork of their films. Such as, 'The Art of Beowulf', 'The Art of WALL-E', 'The Art of Watchmen', 'The Art of The Incredibles', and so on.

    I was really hoping that you will, or someone will soon make an 'Art of Transformers' book. I'm a young artist myself, and I really want to purse a career doing 3D animation/visual effects or concept design and such. Having books like this just inspire me to do so much more.

    Your Transformers films actually started my desire to go into those areas of art. So thanks so much for inspiring me!


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    Default Re: The Art of Transformers

    that is a good idea, i'd like to get one if he makes one



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