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Thread: Blu-ray = DVD?

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    Default Blu-ray = DVD?

    I recently bought the BD version of Transformers as my first BD, starting my collection off.

    I purchased it in australia, and i found something quite odd. On the spine of the BD jacket, it has the DVD logo.

    Is this a mistake, or is it there for a specific reason?

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    That is odd I havn't got the BD of it yet but I have seen the cover instore. I did not notice anything saying DVD on my quick inspection at JB Hi-Fi. But as long as it is in the BD size then you should be fine.
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the BD nor the jacket. Its just the spine on the jacket that for some reason, has the DVD logo.

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    Speaking of strange things with DVDs... (didn't wanna start a new thread on it) did anyone notice that the DVDs fall out of their places in the DVD cases with the semi-transparent cover? I noticed in the store the other day that it'd happened to all but one... the clerk didn't care, but presumably the discs would be scratched wouldn't they? And once you've opened it, you can't take it back... :/

    It happened with the Saw DVDs etc., so I'm tempted to say those cases will need an overhaul or something cuz... that's no good.
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