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Thread: My 2cents/Thought so far on TF 2 ???

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    Thumbs up My 2cents/Thought so far on TF 2 ???

    I think that Mr. Bay/Hasbro Paramount and Co. are doing an excellent job on the way they are handling TF 2 over 2007's TF 1 and not ruining the movie before it comes out.

    I like they way are handling the trailers and promotions not releasing it like crazy like they did with the 1st film.

    I enjoyed each of the trailers so far and if these trailers are any indication on how this film will be this will be either Film of the Year or Action Blockbuster of ther year.

    I say that cause we still have other movies coming out such as GI Joe-Rise of the Fallen.

    I have to give Mr. Bay and Co. credit at least they know what they are doing and I really enjoyed the 1st movie and I look foward to see what they bring to the next installment.

    Atleast they are not butchering the heck out of the franchise like FOX did with the Dragonball-Evolution movie.

    What the crap man, I mean what were they smoking crack were they making the movie half drunk or asleep.

    They no nothing of the Frachise it was way off base to me it felt like watching Power Rangers-The Movie from the 90 or early 2000's

    Even Power Rangers was better than Dragonball Evolution.

    I am not worryied about Mr. Bay and Co. I know this movie will be even more spectacular than the original movie.

    Mr. Bay knows how to handle action movies I mean look at his track record thus far: Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys 1 & 2, and the Rock need I say more.

    Also he has produced many movies so I know he knows what he is doing unlike Uwe Bowl who does not.

    Man oh man this is going to be an awesome year to be a transfan rather you are a new comer or a harcore fan of the franchise such as myself who is now 28 and stills enjoys the franchise more than ever.

    Transformers Generation 1

    Transformers Animated Season 3 Only 2 more episodes series ends on May 23rd possibly the ending to the series. Endgame

    Revenge of the Fallen

    Well that is my 2cents and my thoughts thus far I am not worryied about thus movie not sucking or not I no it will not.

    Please oh Please let Leonard Nimoy be the Voice of the Fallen he is still one of my favorite actors not just becuase I am also a Star Trek nerd or Geek.

    Did You Know ??? Lenard Nimoy not only stared in Star Trek the series but he also directed the movies of the franchise one of the was: Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home.

    Also he voiced Galvatron in the 1986 movie

    And was recently in an episode of Fringe

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    Default Re: My 2cents/Thought so far on TF 2 ???

    Wow, you've got a lot to say and no idea how to say it. Paragraphs, punctuation and correct spelling help.
    - Omar B.
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    Default Re: My 2cents/Thought so far on TF 2 ???

    I think they released way too much information. I havn't even seen the movie yet and I think I already know whats going to happen... and I've actually tried to NOT get too much info... sigh.



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