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    Default Falling Star (Fanfic)

    (First off, I hope this is the correct place to put these, if it's not, my apologies! Secondly: My first fanfic, don't kick my face in if it sucks horribly. Thirdly, there are probably some mis-spellings and misuses of words in there, I hope you can bear with me and hopefully enjoy the tale.)

    Falling Star (Part I)

    As he took a step back and raised his head he could see his Assassicon allies cutting their way through the other Autobots. The smile that stretched across his face showed no real joy, just the pleasure of success, and the metallic smell of Energon reacting with the gases from Cybertrons core, filled his processors with yet more lust for killing.
    - [Fzzzk]... Deception murderer... [kzzzt] are you... able to understand what your [krrzz] ... actions will result in? The deaths... [kzzzt] of yet more of our kind... will be inevitable...
    Stepping up on the nearly crushed chest of the Autobot known as Powersurge, Starfall didn't even break his smile when he unfolded one of his glowing tormentor blades and sank to his knees.

    - Autobot fool. My understanding of this mission doesn't need to stretch further than knowing that I am the tool of my master. If my actions bring yet more suffering to your kind, I know I have done a good job. Now, die knowing your little attempt at attacking during the coronation of Lord Starscream was thwarted long before you could do any harm.

    Before Powersurge was able to reply, Starfall cut through his chest, creating a deep wound gushing of Energon and his spark slowly but surely failing. Leaving a ravaged robotic carcass smoking on the ground.
    All around him the bodies of the other Autobots lay slaughtered, broken and dead. "This fight was too easy" he thought to himself, "almost like sparring with the slowproccessing drones back in the temple".
    - Assassicons, quickscan the subsector for survivors, if someone was watching, we need to at least show him... some manners.
    - Starfall, our master told us to fall back as soon as the Autobot skirmishers had been dealt with, this is not what he had in plan.
    Nightjump, the explosives expert of the group retracted his cannon and Assassicon Deathmask and turned to Starfall and the third member of their group, Deathspin.
    - Shut your vocal processor Nightjump! He also told us to make sure noone survived, and besides, I for one still have energy left to waste while cutting even more Autobots to peices.
    A cold laughter sounded from Deathspins vocal processing unit.
    - You never change, do you Starfall.

    Starfall had stopped smiling and suddenly halted in his tracks.
    - My sensors...

    A massive explosion tore Deathspin to shreds.
    - Nightjump, my radiationscanners are offline, drop out of phase and scan the surroundings!
    Shouted Starfall as shots from at least two different sources almost hit his head.
    Like his comrade had asked him, Nightjump used one of his unique abilities to turn invisible for optic scanning, and let all his sensors loose to find the source of the attack as fast as he could.
    He shouted once again as he rolled to his side, dodging yet another set of shots. Using his own low-range scanner he started picking up the readings transmitted by his ally. "Two targets, no three... no..two... What in Simfur was going on? Where did they come from, how did they know we were here?" As if being mindscanned, Nightjump told him to lay low, three targets with loaded weaponry, one of which was using his supreme speed to try and confuse them.
    Identification signatures suggested Ultra-Magnus and Springer as the two scannables.
    - The quick one has to be Blurr, take extreme caution when leaving your Veil, Nightjump, these are not mere rebels like the last group.
    In one fluid movement Starfall jumped high into the air, simultaneously discharging his Lightning cannon at the nearest peice of cover he could find, behind it the signature of Springer flashed.
    The power of the blast made the Autobot stagger out of cover for a short moment and Starfall wouldn't miss a chance like this for anything. Landing only a few yards from the stunned Springer, the assassin threw himself at his enemy trying buy himself yet more time, and also making him a harder target to shoot by the other Autobots.
    Metalskin scraping against metalskin created such a noise that the instant-blockage of his processors nearly overloaded under the strain of not damaging his internal circuits.
    Punching a quick hole through the Autobots leg at the same time as he threw of a shot in the direction of Ultra-Magnus he once again found himself smiling. This was what he liked best, even with the odds against him, Starfall would not fail, he was a better warrior than any of these, despite them outnumbering him and his teammate.
    - Starfall! I need assistance! The Autobots have locked onto ...
    The explosion shook Starfall off balance, smashing hard into the ground next to Springer.
    Not wanting to lose a seconds chance to get away from the decepticon, Springer launched into the air using his thrusters wanting to get his weapons aimed at the raving madman on the ground.
    The cruel decepticon got his balancing systems back on track too quick though, and the lightning blast that hit the fleeing Autobot in the back blew him out of the air.
    But before he was able to attack his target his sensors picked up the heat-signature of yet another of Ultra-Magnus' mass-reactive missiles.
    Using his magnificent agility he jumped across a gap in the ground, and back-flipped over the missile aimed at him. The Autobot Blurr was suddenly on him and pinned him against a wall even before his balance-sensors had straightened out was was up and down.
    - I-have-you-now-massmurdering-decepticreep-and-I-will-show-you-the-same-mercy-that-you-just-showed-my-friends-here. Blurr proclaimed his sentence so fast it was hard even for the super-advanced sound-processors of a Decepticon to make out what he was saying.
    A quick kick to the chest and a twitch of his right arm freed Starfall from the grip of the Autobot and he smashed Blurr in his optic processing unit making him fall back and grasping his face. Snarling he turned to Ultra-Magnus who once again aimed his missile launcher at him.
    - I do not miss two times, murderer.
    - You use that word like it has a negative meaning Autobot.

    The missile hit the wall right behind Starfall, throwing him into the air. Using the destruction and chaos Starfall knew he wouldn't stand a chance fighting both Ultra-Magnus and Blurr out in the open on his own, he transformed into his hover-mode and blasted off to the safety of the ruined fields of Dunargh, making his way back to the Temple.

    He hated to lose, even more than he hated the Autobots.
    "The master will not be satisfied with the outcome" he knew.
    Closing in on his masters black temple on the dark side of Cybertron he picked up the coded signal he was supposed to answer to not taste the same treatment his two used-to-be comrades had just a couple of short-cycles ago.
    - This is Starfall, reporting in, requesting guidance from my master.
    - Welcome back my young friend.
    A cold voice answered.
    - I have grave news, the mission was not entirely successful master.
    After a moments silence over the secret communicationschannel the voice responded calmly:
    - You will teleport up to my throneroom as soon as possible.
    - Affirmative, master Shockwave, your humble servant needs your logics and guidance to solve this puzzle.
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    Default Re: Falling Star (Fanfic)

    Excellent. I felt like I was reading a real book.

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    Default Re: Falling Star (Fanfic)

    i had one up here til hasbro found out
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    Default Re: Falling Star (Fanfic)

    Quote Originally Posted by Burnflare View Post
    Excellent. I felt like I was reading a real book.
    Aww, you make me blush!
    Part II coming up either tonight or tomorrow.
    Thanks for the feedback Burnflare!
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    Default Re: Falling Star (Fanfic)

    Really awesome fanfic and I especially like the parts with Blur
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    Default Re: Falling Star (Fanfic)

    but not as good as Shadows
    sorry dude!
    most beautiful thing i have ever seen!

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    Default Re: Falling Star (Fanfic)

    Nice, *Thumbs Up.



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