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Thread: who is voicing megatron

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    Default Re: who is voicing megatron

    Quote Originally Posted by bjoneill74 View Post
    You could tell it was Hugo Weaving when he asked Sam if it was fear or courage that compels you?

    He could have said Mr Anderson at the end of it..
    I agree. I actually said that in the theater to a friend
    "...take it away but I want more and more, one day I'm gonna lose the war."

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    Default Re: who is voicing megatron

    Quote Originally Posted by MegaOctane View Post
    This Frank Welker voicing megatron is a old discussion, and is outdated. But Frank Welker for Soundwave should work. I saw the Transformers animated episode with soundwave in it, but he didn't sound as cool as the G1 soundwave.
    But his voice in the movie will probably be digitized to the point where you won't even know who it is anyway...

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    Default Re: who is voicing megatron

    Quote Originally Posted by RyanCz1 View Post
    Frankly it doesn't matter who voices it because they synthesized Hugo's voice SO much you can barely even tell it's even him.

    At least when Peter Cullen opens his mouth you actually hear Optimus Prime's voice.

    Frank would've been the best choice since they did get Cullen for the authentic nostalgic voice.

    Did you see the extra features on the first DVD about that? They ran a clip with Frank voicing the movie Megatron and it didn't work at all. Hugo was much better for this version of Megatron.

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    Default Re: who is voicing megatron

    To be honest franks voice didnt suit the new megs look you could tell that from playing the game it just didnt feel the same. Soundwave on the other hand may just work.



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