... but hopefully not

I've noticed a couple of discussions recently about Bay hardly responding to people on here. This has mostly been pointed out by Raddimus with his 2 questions to Bay in the ask MB section. BTW, Raddimus I suck at communicating my expressions on forums, I can assure you I'm not being negative or a dick towards you- just using your posts as an example.

Raddimus explained his situation with being a MB fan etc. I see your point, but "in theory" I'm a bigger MB fan (lol) and I've never had a thankyou, reply, hello or anything. But I don't really care. I find it kinda weird how some people get so worked up over it.

MB has racked up 66 posts on here. That's not bad really. The value of the posts may be up for debate but I kind of see it this way;

Michael Bay logs in and sees a messageboard full of thread. Every single thread on this forum is directed at him in someway. Posts people may think are of high importance, he may not even read. He is making a very secretive film, his main agenda for being here is probably to check no spoilers have been leaked. And if he notices another thread he might add in his 2 cents. If he is going to read everything here... well Transformers 2 wouldn't reach it's release date.

I've been following the site since the production of Pearl Harbor when I was 15 (ahhh memories of that never ending blue page with the battleship in the background- thanks Nelson). And I admit my post count isn't as high as other here. But the truth behind that is, I log in, look at allllll the posts and think 'fuck reading all that!'. Imagine what Bay must feel like when he logs in!!!

I think if he were to reply to lots of posts I think this forum would eventually implode. Haters would sign up trying to provoke a reply. Noobies would sign up- 1st post- Hi Michael Bay I love you, aweseome woooo. 2nd post- more of the same. 3rd post- Why won't you reply 4th post- you get the picture. And the more regular posters may feel neglected when others happen to get more responces etc.

Anyway, not quite sure why I started this thread. Probably because the busy section is the T2 section which I refuse to read. Not much happens in this bit! Lolz.

Anywayz... debate if you like...