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Thread: TF2 is coming!!!

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    Default TF2 is coming!!!

    I saw this morning and wanted to post this to get evryone pumped on the movie coming this summer.This video was on youtube and got me siked about the first movie!I cant wait for two!enjoy!
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    Default Re: TF2 is coming!!!

    dude, just post the link, don't post the entire html code.
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    Default Re: TF2 is coming!!!

    this comming from a guy who always got the why does will smith always play a black guy...lmao yhea cool vid man yhea can't wait for the next one...I was wondering why you didnt apply for an extra man when they were shooting out in new mexico?lol yhea I know you told me already,just teasing...hey did you ever get your motor to stop smoking?
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