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    Default Good part for TF 2

    I just bought a Transformer figure from Target, (Dreadwing) if you have heard of him and if you havn't than he is one-man Fighter Jet.

    I was just playing around with it and came up with a cool part for the second

    What if there's a fighter jet flying across sea's and Dreadwing comes down from space in protoform and is scanning the fighter as he comes over it, once the scan is complete he crashes into the jet sending it down to the ocean floor.
    Then a blank screen with just a full moon, out of nowhere the jet comes back to the screen, the camera closes in on the tail of the fighter showing the Decepticon icon, then fly's off into the night. I thought that would be cool.
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    or you could have that be starscream since he is the main character now for TF2.



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