Warning: May contain ranting

Well the laptop has been brought to Geek Squad. For $129, they can engage in a long tedious process of searching and installing the right drivers in order for XP to function properly on the Vista compatible laptop. Now there is no way I am going to pay for that, so they said they can do a "diagnostic" for $60. Not sure what that is suppose to mean, but it doesn't sound like they are going to actually fix it.

So now I just paid $60 to have a bunch of strangers look at my laptop which they probably can't even fix. What have I gotten myself into.

Okay, lets get a summary of the total cost so far.

Laptop: Over $700
XP: $200
"Diagnostic": $60
Total: over $960
Realizing how much of a waste of time and money this whole thing was: Priceless