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Thread: Im boycotting this film.....

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    Default Im boycotting this film.....

    HOW DARE THEY NOT FIRE SHIA. he is a liability and im boycotting this film....i already wrote to dreamworks and said that they are being boycotted......

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    Default Re: Im boycotting this film.....

    Well well well, what do we have here, a Shia LeBeouf hater? Phht, I may not like the kid myself, but I do enjoy Sam Witwicky. You can boycott all you want, it won't do a darn thing.

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    Default Re: Im boycotting this film.....

    Do you also boycott 24?
    I've always defended Michael Bay against attacks that his films are full of stupid explosions, girls in underwear and mindless characters... but then he made Transformers 2 and I conceded...

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    Default Re: Im boycotting this film.....

    eh what fire what? seriously how could they not? it almost demands a firing! what is bay doing how could he promote such a thing by keeping shia on how could the great lock my thread!! such a travesty!



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