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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitrogenb View Post
    I think you can do that intellegently without being ignorant or debasing to someone else's beliefs, not saying you or Nelson are .
    No, no debasing, just putting forth the idea that one may not always be right and the other side may not always be wrong, and sometimes nobody has a clue.

    I only get excited when people do bad things in the name of any religion. In the name of thy father... It's that whole Twinkie logic -- it's not my fault, the chemicals in the Twinkie made me do it. Take this story for example: I read elsewhere the man said the toddler had the devil in him... oh, I know who had what in him and it wasn't the toddler. I don't think G-d says, kill anyone. That's man talking straight up. If anyone says otherwise, they're lying. I'm not saying I wouldn't kill someone if they tried to harm those I care for or an innocent, because I guarantee I would do everything in my power to take them out first and it wouldn't give me pause before, during or after. But if something came to me, my mind, saying "I am thy G-d, kill him/her." I'd know for sure I'd gone down the rabbit hole and I'd need to check myself into a padded white room. Madness comes in many forms, but G-d talking to me saying kill I'm thinking no, but it might be the devil -- him I know very well and we do battle often, but he's not winning, not today anyway. There is however this voice in my head that has from time to time said, "Dumbass, what were you thinking?" Now that, that could very well be G-d, but I hope not. (And this is why I get kicked off a jury -- that and the expression on my face. )

    PS. But a board game being evil, naw, not even... Man is more evil, you know like Hitler who was more frightening and those like him who can talk others into following them into doing bad things.
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