As some of you might know Armageddon was screened at the Cannes festival in 1998. They showed a rough cut consisting of 50 minutes or so. From what I've heard it was a disastrous screening where the critics laughed out loud at Bruce Willis macho persona crying at the end etc. If this isn't a damn proof critics are fuckin' a-holes I don't know what is. Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler (I think) were both there actually, and Bruce had to explain after the screening they've only seen a rough cut and not the finished version. According to an article he apparently said "Thank you for enjoying the comical aspects of the film. I'm glad you all take the end of the world so well." The article also claimed Bruce Willis wanted to re-cut the ending and whatnot? Did this actually happen?

Anyway, critics are major dicks and luckily the film made around 550 million dollars worldwide in the end