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Thread: New Robot Ideas for Transformers 3

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    Default New Robot Ideas for Transformers 3

    Hi, I'm new to the forum.
    I know I'm getting this idea in early, but I hae some suggestions for some new Transformers for Transformers 3.
    If Micheal gets this idea know, he could work it into number 3.

    After watching 'Transformers', I bought the full American Animated Series cartoon box set, and a company called Madman has released the Japanese exclusive series, 'Headmasters' & 'Masterforce'.

    If you know Transformers, ignore the US comic & Series 4 interpretation of 'Headmasters', the Japanese 'Headmaster' is much cooler, a Headmaster is a Transformer that can Tranform into a big head (and vehicle) that combines with a 'Transector', basically a giant lifeless robot, to become a Supersized robot. This would fit into the films since Micheal wants Transformers sizes to suit thier vehicle.

    here are some reference pages -

    I have suggested this because Fortress Maximus would be an awesome compatriot for Optimus Prime & we could have a proper 'Scorponok' character.

    Also if Soundwave is in Number 2, than the Autobots better thier answer to him with 'Blaster'.

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    Default Re: New Robot Ideas for Transformers 3

    I don't want to sound mean but, shouldn't we wait to see what happens in the sequel before thinking about the third? With all the false info Michael Bay is releasing (or promised to release), no one can be sure of what is happening in the sequel nevermind the third movie.

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    Default Re: New Robot Ideas for Transformers 3

    Headmasters in a 3rd movie? Nahhh.. too early. There needs to be like 50 more movies before they do that..

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    Default Re: New Robot Ideas for Transformers 3

    Epic Fail!
    " heart is turned to stone; I strike it, and it hurts my hand..."

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    Default Re: New Robot Ideas for Transformers 3

    I'm locking this thread up.

    No one here knows what's coming up for TF2, much less TF3.



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