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Thread: Mike, feel free to use this

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    Default Re: Mike, feel free to use this

    Quote Originally Posted by ams707 View Post
    it is too obvious a vehicle, all the others are vehicles that are easily blending, even Bonecrusher and "devestator" are vehicles that could be explained, but that truck stands out way too much.

    NOW i would consider a TV transmition truck or some sort of television uplink vehicle, that would be acceptable, but not that truck, wayy too obvious
    Maybe he wants Soundwave to look more like this:

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    Arrow Re: Mike, feel free to use this

    Quote Originally Posted by ams707 View Post
    Double. you are too stupid to live if you think thats what I meant.
    uraydo, keep it up, ill push my ... in ur....
    Please explain what you meant, and this time try to say what you mean, especially if you are going to create a topic like this.

    BTW, if lazerbeak is going to be a friggin' laptop than means when in robot form it will be much smaller than frenzy was. TERRIFYING!!

    Now, starting off as a sattelite and then changing, maybe if he's taking orders from Starscream nowand was sent to eath between the two movies. Somehow I can't picture Soundwave being in orbit the whole time Megatron was on earth and not showing up for the downtown battle.

    Easily the best Soundwave I've seen was posted by Smokescreen
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    Default Re: Mike, feel free to use this

    If Soundwave is to be a sattelite, he must arrive shortly before the the beginning of the sequel. It would explain why he wasn't there during the battle. This would also allow him to gain info before the decepticons attack again. There is still the question of him floating in orbit without being detected by the other satelites. Unless, he can make himself undetectable which is more then likely.

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    Default Re: Mike, feel free to use this

    you mean like this

    Quote Originally Posted by Z28 Autobot View Post
    so now its not the underlying plot of how the Decepticons have the upper hand in the movie its just the first hour..okay...thats not what you said at first.

    dude it took 3 pages of people having no clue of what your trying to picture here..and your bitching at

    Hows this..

    Hey guys got a great idea for Soundwave.
    The opening of the movie we see this satellite it passes by the ISS and the crew on board are going nuts since its so close...and just misses the ISS. scanning the oceans and locks onto something deep in the water. it changes orbit then thrusters vertor it into a stationary orbit.
    A signal is sent down to earth and you see some decepticons including barricade receive the signal and transform go to the docks. At this point they are new human/ animal size decepticons..we find out they are Rumble and Ravage. they steal a salvaging ship and make off to the drop point. cut scene..

    ...they raise Megs and the other cons and go back to the dock..

    .....cut to the land again.and thats where we see some Autobots pull up..Bumblebee Hot Rod and Tracks..and they TF..being outnumbered and outgunned with thier dead leader they call for backup..and thats where Thundercracker and Skywarp swoop in and lay cover fire on thier escape.......

    we cut into a sceen where we see a blur go by the satelitte and enter the earth....

    cutting to the fighting again we see the two larger jet Decepticons laying waste to the autobots who are pinned down..and in the middle of them fighting Starscream swoops in and lands in the middle of the battle on the dock..they stop shooting and Starscream yells at them to stop..and the two seekers looking confused obey thier commander. As we see Starscream peer back as the Autobots retreat/chase the fleeing cons and a supply truck with Megs on the bed..
    Barricade clearing the way as a cop car and rumble driving the truck we see another bot leap from Barricade ..Lazer Beak who joins Ravage in the top of the pile of Decepticons on the trailer..Ravage firing at the Autobots and lazerbeak straffing them it makes a mess in the road and a lot of cars flipping and rolling..all of a sudden we see Barricade slam on his brakes and come to a stop and Rumble does the same with the trailer truck..and after stopping short Rumble looks up in a daze from the steering wheel and sees two Semi's blcoking the red and one white..rumble in Cybertronian radios Soundwave and says "Boss you better get down here we have major trouble!" and we peer back through the window and we see the two bots transforming..Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus..

    Is that what your talking about



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