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Thread: Last year they called me the anti-christ

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    Default Last year they called me the anti-christ

    This quote: Quentin Tarantino called me once. Someone had written 'Is Michael Bay the Devil?' Quentin said, 'Don't worry, last year they called me the Antichrist.'

    Does anybody know if Tarantino appreciate some of Michael's work? He's a big action fan after all and I can see him enjoying at least The Rock and BBII.

    I've heard some stories he was - just a he was on Crimson Tide - an uncredited writer for The Rock adding little things to the dialogue but I believe there's no truth to that rumour.

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    Default Re: Last year they called me the anti-christ

    Where did you hear that he was an un-credited writer on Crimson Tide? I guess the "silver surfer" scene on the unrated DVD coulda been him now that i think about it.
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