Uwe Boll is claiming Michael Bay has accepted his challenge.


In Michael Bay's statement he neither declined or accepted Uwe Boll's
boxing challenge when he responded on April 28th:

"Can we stop talking about this guy! I never even heard his name till
last week when he made threats and rants. The guy is a fucking idiot,
making threats to me, Clooney, Eli Roth, says he has a doctorate - but
uses the word "retard" in his vocabulary, come on. When you look at
his videos, what is interesting are the backgrounds. I guess his low
rent offices, with 15 year old 3/4 machines, archaic computers, this
is just some dumb chump trying to get some fame when he has none, so
he has to make Youtube lame quality anger rants. Guy just want
attention because he can't get any for the so called movies he makes.
Nothing sadder when he had his screening in LA to an over half empty
movie house. He is a troubled soul - let's just waste time on talking
about him please." Michael Bay

With a couple of days having passed Michael Bay has announced he'll
take him on! Click below for Uwe Boll's reaction:


The statement is in written form below and an official fight poster is attached.

"Hi here's Uwe Boll, I'm very happy to say the fight is on. Boll Vs. Bay. It's a rumble in the jungle 2, it will be in Kinshasa, Zaire. I think September 30th will be the fight. Boll against Bay. He agreed to do it, I'm very proud of it. So if you want to be there you need ten tickets from Postal opening May 23rd. You bring these tickets and this will be the entry to the boxing fight, Boll against Bay. Or you can buy tickets on eBay or wherever else you can buy it, but I think the cheapest way is with the Postal tickets. OK,so Michael Bay, start training and I think you will go down to be honest. I think round three or round four you will go down in history, not only for the worst war movie ever: Pearl Harbour, no, also for the worst boxer in the ring against Uwe Boll ever. Thank you." Uwe Boll
Just spoke to Mike, and it's false. This guy is really creepy, he's creeping me out.

BTW, Michael has never spoken to him and won't speak to him. Mike has a movie to deliver for June 2009, unlike this idiot.

Boll doesn't deserve press for his lame movie, so this is the last we talk about him in these forums. This press stunt will tank.