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Thread: tf2 script complete

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    Default tf2 script complete

    quote " there is at least one star trek reference in transformers 2"

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    Default Re: tf2 script complete

    I loved all the Star Trek stuff in TF. I love classic Trek, and am a Camaro junkie, so it was perfect for me.
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    What, is Leonard Nimoy voicing Galvatron again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bay_Fan_Gibson View Post
    What, is Leonard Nimoy voicing Galvatron again?
    Noooooo silly.

    Nimoy has nothing to do with TF2. Orci and Kurtzman, two of the TF2 writers, also have written the screenplay for Star Trek, hence the Nimoy reference.

    *Guitarded's linkie has to do with Orci and Kurtzman at a talk about Star Trek, and Orci and Kurtzman mentioned TF2*

    Hope that helps.
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