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Thread: The Obama Ripple Effect

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    Default The Obama Ripple Effect

    The Obama Ripple Effect

    It's sad to see America crumble down like this.. i must thank all those pussy liberal white Americans for this who think it's fine to throw everything away our white great grand parents fought for to survive and think that these black people care about you, news flash, they don't... i see them looting and plundering every store in the south where Irma has hit and it's all black... i've seen not 1 whitey stealing shit.. these people had the feeling "being oppressed" since childhood and really don't care if you help them or not, they would kill you if they had the chance and take all your money, they want you to give them everything for free but they don't care.. they feel entitled to have it all thanks to celebs like Beyonce and others who put more gas on the BLM movement etc.
    Congrats to them..

    Good luck America...

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    Default Re: The Obama Ripple Effect

    You sound like a fucking idiot.



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