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Thread: Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water (2017)

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    Default Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water (2017)

    Who thinks this looks interesting and quite fresh with creativity? i mean a mute human woman who is a worker in the 60's during the cold war era, plus she falls in love with a mutant aqua humanoid person and he falls for her as they form a bond as she wants to free him from a government experiment.

    It's basically gonna be Beauty and the Beast (more like the TV show version from the 80s if you all recall that show with Ron Perlman) and Splash (only it's an aqua humanoid man than a mermaid) plus some fresh ideas like a mute woman who falls for a humanoid person which is an interesting concept. This will be a story about accepting those who are different than you and not "inferior" and has two different people finding friendship and more.

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    Default Re: Guillermo Del Toro's The Shape of Water (2017)

    Guillermo Del Toro booked thru 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Fleming
    Universal — which has a three-year first-look deal with the helmer inked in June ’07 — and del Toro are making a long-term commitment by setting up four directing projects, including remakes of “Frankenstein,” “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “Slaughterhouse-Five.”

    The fourth project is an adaptation of “Drood,” a Dan Simmons novel acquired by U that will be published in February by Little, Brown.

    Of course, del Toro’s first priority is New Line and MGM’s “The Hobbit,” to which he has committed the next five years. He has begun writing “Hobbit” with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, collaborating via video conferencing and trips to New Zealand every three weeks.

    In addition to the four pics, the studio still has its sights set on del Toro’s pet project, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness.”

    U production prexy Donna Langley said the helmer’s “Hobbit” hiatus will only delay plans to dive into the del Toro business.

    “We came out the other side of some tough conversations with a stronger bond and sense of long-term commitment,” Langley said. “Guillermo is in the most prolific time of his life … Joe Johnston on ‘The Wolf Man’ showed us the importance of entrusting the Universal franchise monsters to experienced filmmakers with voices. That was a big impetus for our decision to go with Guillermo to put his creative stamp on these properties.”

    Frankenstein represents a longtime fascination for del Toro, who has made his home a memorabilia shrine to the Karloff monster from the 1931 U film.

    Frankenstein represents a longtime fascination for del Toro, who has made his home a memorabilia shrine to the Karloff monster from the 1931 U film.

    VARIETY OCTOBER 27, 2017:
    Guillermo del Toro Discusses Upcoming Projects, Taking a Year Off as a Director
    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie Lang
    Del Toro also spoke about his B&W movie project “Silver,” which is acquiring the status of legend, without having acquired the form of a film. The story of a masked Mexican wrestler who discovers all politicians are vampires and sets out to slay them – surely a popular contemporary theme – del Toro had “Silver’s” screenplay half-written when he abandoned Mexico for Toronto. Years later, it still isn’t finished.

    Del Toro has a “personal commitment” to finish the screenplay, he said in Morelia. Alfonso [Cuarón] is giving me a really hard time on this: ‘Any chance you’ll finish the screenplay?’”

    And, referring to his more immediate plans, “I’m taking a sabbatical for a year as a director. I was going to do ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ but after ‘The Shape of Water’ I need to take pause.”



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