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Thread: Blowing stuff up with Michael Bay

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    Default Blowing stuff up with Michael Bay

    A cool interview about TF5. Check this out.

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    Default Re: Blowing stuff up with Michael Bay

    its dam shame we dont get this kind of stuff on dvd release as extra content to see blooper reel gag reel deleted scenes behind scenes in making of movie give us good stuff is dissapointing we us fans have to go on internet to see good stuff that is not on dvd realese to see

    i be more than happy to re buy same bluray movies if they included that kind of special extra content on dvd to see when us fans buy them

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    Default Re: Blowing stuff up with Michael Bay

    Thank you for that link, that was a great article!

    /\ I agree I wish the Blurays were packed with hours upon hours of BTS, I would watch it all. I already watch all the BTS for all Bay's films and others. His movies usually include a good amount of interesting stuff to watch (more then a lot of other films), but tbh I will never have enough BTS footage of any Bay production. I have a good feeling about this movie once it is released on Bluray, looking forward to watching how this beast of a film was created



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