ThundercrackerSky WarpSky LynxMirageBlurrKupLand MineOver RideSlip StreamCombaticons - BruticusStunticons - MenosaurTerraconsInsecticonsBlaster & his Cassesette's Rewind - Eject & the othersSix ShotFortress MaximusCyclonusDirgeRam JetScourgeThe List is Endless heck I have created my own I think these would be good in his MoviesThunder SlicerAfter BurnerNightWing (not copy of Batmant - This is a Transformer Female Decepticon Leader next Generation to replace Megatron)Night Wing is my Own Creation think Star Scream yet on a whole new Level, My New Transformers I have made, are basically designed for my Fan Fiction. A story without Megatron & Optimus Prime. Think a Parallel Story or a Story in a Different Era, such as Eons into the Future. Also Thunder Slicer & After Burner are Night Wing's Luitenants think how Scourge & Cyclonus was for Galvatron. They are also a Team. all 3 are Female'sAlso Thunder Slicer, After Burner, & Night Wing can also Merge into a Larger Transformer.So would you like Thunder Slicer, After Burner & Night Wing would these characters work in a Transformers Movie.Above is Characters Bay has never used in his Transformers movies. The List is Endless & can go on & On such as the much wanted Ultra Magnus.