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Thread: Female Voice - Creator or New Voice for Unicron ???

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    Default Female Voice - Creator or New Voice for Unicron ???

    This is Bay After all, & we have all seen how he has given things a 180 compared to the original deals, & made up new deals along the way specifically designed for the Movie-Verse.So me, & my friends have all been arguing & trying to figure out WTF is the deal with the Female Voice talking to Optimus. Me, I say this is the Voice of the Creator not Unicron we saw a Glimpse of them in AOE when we saw their Hand Touch the Button & set of the Seeds that wiped out the dinosaurs. Seeing that breif glimpse they are clearly different than the 1986 Animated Movie Quints as they were part Robotic & Organic & had 3 Heads.My Friends say they have Changed Unicron's Voice to a Female which would be a radical move compared towards the Epic Voice in the 1986 Movie or the VA used to VoiceUnicron in Transformers Prime.Also in Prime Unicron was or The Earth or some screwed up deal like that. So unknown what Bay has instore for TLK or what the connection between Earth & Cybertron.I told my Friends & they also agree with me that the reason they keep on coming back is - THE OMEGA LOCK, but I told my friends this will not be the Omega Lock seen in Transformers Cybertron that used the Cyber Planet Keys.Like I said Bay 180's everything, so Expect it to be radically different. & also likely to to have different properties than Cybertron's Omega Lock.Meaning it is going to be on a Large Scale - while Cybertron's Omega Lock was Smaller till they Re-Activated Primus - AKA Cybertron.My Friends agree with my Theory, mainly cause I been with Transformers since I was 3 years old & I have also written Fan-Fictions to even creating my own Transformers.So do you agree with my Theory that the Voice is the Creator - Not Unicron.I also told them what we saw was Not Unicron just a Big Ass Ship - Likely The Creator's Main Vessel sort of like a Capital Ship on a Massive Scale.I still do not think Unicron is in TLK

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    The quintessons were established in Age of Extinction, so I very much doubt the voice we hear is Unicron. To be fair, we don't know who is saying this, or the context of the discussion. It could be anyone.
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