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    Will Evil Prime come with special powers, other than just a personality swap?

    I mean if we’re going to look at Evil versions of heroes, one of the most neatly done examples I would say, is Black Spider-man. I mean the Black suit in the comics gave him unlimited webbing including the control of Peter’s body even when he’s asleep, as well as more agility and extra durability as seen in the movie, apart of course from the personality alteration.

    Similarly, Evil Prime could have some dark altered abilities as well. That would be cool as hell.

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    I hope they do something also besides the Corruption, We have seen in Comics where they become Evil not only does their Personality Change their Powers also change.They become Upgraded, More Devestating than their original abilities. To me. I never actually considered Movie Prime to be a Good Guy, I mean look at how Optimus Personalitychanges when he goes into Battle Mode.Saying stuff like I rise You Fall, Give me Your Face, to me that sounds like a Villian more than Hero. Maybe the Darkness was always in Optimus, He just unlocked it Fully when hewent to Space. He found out who he truly is & that he was responsible for the Destruction of Cybertron.But regarding Cybertron, I thought at the End of DOTM Cybertron was Destroyed when it Got Imploded within the Space Bride once it was Destoryed, Seen Cyberton was Spinningthen Ultimately Blowing up from the Inside.So how could Optimus been responsible when Cybertron was already Destroyed. Seen in Original Transformers they needed the All Spark to Revive Cybertron.So from the point of view going on now it would make like the Autobots Are Evil & The Decepticons are the Good Guys. I am also curious as to why Megatron is Kneeling to Lennox, is it out of Respect for Lennox being a Capable Warrior or is their something else going on.I dig Megatrons New look Looks Sleek & Bad Ass. Cant wait to see him in Combat.

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    Yeah, I really hope that OP's dark turn is more of a personal one than merely a matter of being reprogrammed like Toy Story 3 or Terminator 3. There's always been an intriguing conflict in Optimus between his benevolent side and his capacity for anger and aggression. That was an ongoing theme of the series: how humanity is capable of both good and evil and how Optimus recognizes that they are similar to the Transformers in that way. Also Optimus has had his faith in humanity has been gradually eroded and embittered over the films.

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