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Thread: RE: TLK marks my 33rd year being a Transformers Fan !!!

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    Post RE: TLK marks my 33rd year being a Transformers Fan !!!

    I was 3 or 4 years old when Transformers began in 1984, now I am 35. 30 something years later, I still love & enjoy Transformers to this day.

    So when TLK hits in 2017 this marks my 33rd year being a Trans-Fan. I have collected toys, comics, & even wrote Fan-Fiction.

    I have created my own Teams, Mythology & a Parallel Story, I have created my own Transformers unique Names & everything.

    I have been impressed to see how far Transformers has come & where it is going into the future.

    There have been Ups in downs over the decades such as TF RID 2001 never being on DVD in the US. There has been crappy Animated Series that should have never been made.

    There have been OMG deals such as WFC & FOC backstories to Generation 1.

    Then TF Prime, The Unicron Trilogy to the Micheal Bay Movie Verse. Hard to believe I was 3 or 4 years old when all this began. Now I am a Grown Adult, to this day still loves Transformers.

    It will be sad to see Micheal Bay Leave Transformers - But I hope & I bet he sends us off with an OMG Bang & a WTF Moment.

    Till All Are ONE !!! Hopefully I will enjoy Transformers for another 30 years !!!

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    Default Re: TLK marks my 33rd year being a Transformers Fan !!!

    I have to agree. I was 6 when G1 was on TV. I took several years away from the franchise because I just wasn't interested. I had a lot of the toys when I was a kid and they eventually ended up either being sold or tossed out due to lack of interest. When the first Transformers live action movie was released in 2007, I was very eager to see it because I had so much fun with the toys as a kid. I looked forward to seeing how it would be, and I wasn't disappointed. As the movieverse has grown, I have been enjoying each movie as they have come out. Have they been perfect, no. But I have enjoyed them for what they have been. I have seen each subsequent movie in theaters multiple times, and I am looking forward to seeing TLK at least twice. As we get closer to the release in June, I do hope they do not show too much with subsequent trailers and TV commercials. I want to be really surprised when I see it for the first time. I may even stop looking online once the hype machine really kicks in. The first teaser did a great job of piquing my interest. I really do hope that Michael does give us that holy s**t moment at the end that lays the foundation for many more movies. I have heard that there will be subtle things in TLK that will lay the ground for the upcoming movies. I will continue to watch them, and I can't wait until my son is old enough to see them all with me. He's turning 2 in less than 2 weeks. He has had his first transformers since he was 6 months (Rescue Bots Bumblebee) that his grandparents bought him. It has been a hell of a journey, and here's to hoping that the next several movies continue to capture our imagination and push for many more years of great entertainment.
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    Post Re: TLK marks my 33rd year being a Transformers Fan !!!

    When I was a Boy, my favorite toys in Transformers was Six-Shot the Transformer who had 6 Variations, of course Devestator, Star Scream,
    I think I even had Autobot City, to others such as Fotress Maximus.

    Of course I was just a Boy back then I had know I idea those toys would be worth so much today I would have kept everything. Now I write Fan-Fiction Transformer Stories crearting my own Teams, Plot Key Devices similar towards the Omega Lock but my deal is Differrent.

    I have created 3 New Transformers - After Burner - Thunder Slicer, & Night Razor. Right now I am making a story that isnt about Megaton or Optimus Prime.

    Years people have asked why is it always Optimus v Megatron. Being the Longtime fan I have been, my new story fixes this & asks what would Transformers be like without those 2 iconic characters in the story. Above my new Transformers are examples of the Transformers who will be in this story.

    Thunder Slicer, Nighter Razor, & After Burner are also part of a Team. Similar towards how Bay does with his Teams such as The Wreckers or Dread SUVs we saw in Dark of the Moon.

    Right now my Project is in Early Stages. This is sort of a Parallel Deal. it wouldnt be Canon to any Previous Series, or Micheal Bay's Movie-Verse or the Comics.

    I want a story that is going to Stand Out, New Fresh & Unique. But in regarding TLK I dig Megatron's New Look.

    But the question remains, How is Megatron Back, & what happened to Galvatron from Age of Extinction, at the end he says " I AM REBORN".

    Could Galvatron went back to the Megatron Name, or maybe Megatron has came back through various other means. Such as The Omega Lock,
    maybe The Creators to even Unicron Uprading Galvatron to this sleek new Megatron.

    Or maybe KSI made this new Megatron. or the Goverment did with the TRF unknown lots of unknown about TLK such as what are Lennox, to previous characters roles will be in TLK.

    Could they work with the TRF this is my Guess.

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    Post Re: TLK marks my 33rd year being a Transformers Fan !!!

    My Fan Project I am trying to make a story that doesnt feature Humans, although Anime Series, Comics, to The Movie-Verse features humans Heavily, My Fan Project will not feature any Humans.

    Another request by Fans is a Transformers that is not focused so much with Humans, Which we have not had since Beast Wars & Beast Machines.
    since then every Transformers has had Humans in it heavily.

    So I am working around this & doing something new. Working on New Titles for it also - Transformers - Nemisis Rising, Transformers - Elemental Chaos, Transformers ZX - New Generation.

    I am also making different Combiners, Teams, & new ways of Combination this isnt like Power Link & deals like that. Something I call - Trans-Fusion.

    I am also thinking of doing away with Cybertron Completely & bring something new In. Cybertron is Been there Done that.

    But regarding TLK the Trailer was Epic & awesome, I dig Megatron's New Look but they are so many unknown questions. How did he get Upgraded, What Happened to Galvatron.

    Why does Prime have Puprle Eyes. Why is the TRF trying to Destroy all the Transformers. How do Previous Characters fit into this Film such as Simmons, Lennox & others.

    We need to know !!!



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